How long will Cristiano Ronaldo’s humiliation last? It is no longer on the best 11 list in the Saudi Arabian league.

The soccer media Tribuna recently reported an interesting story. They chose the best 11 predicted by the Saudi League. But Ronaldo’s name is not there.

Tribuna said, “The Saudi professional league accepted many famous players in 2023. They spent more money than the La Liga team this summer and paid a lot to get the best players.”

“As a result, the Saudi professional league is full of excellent players and has the best XI,” he added.

The list of Saudi Pro Best 11 selected by Tribuna is as follows.

Karim Benzema stands on the front line, Riyad Mahrez and Alain Saint-Makmin on the left and right sides, followed by Ngolo Kante and Sergei Milinkovic Sabic in the midfield.

The defenders were Alex Telles, Kalidou Koulibaly, Jordan Henderson, Sultan Al Ganam and goalkeeper Eduardo Mendy.

It is a Saudi professional league, and Al-Ghanaam is the only player from the country. As the transfer window closes in September, the predicted best 11 can change at any time. Even al-Ghanam may be hard to name.
no ronaldo He moved to Al Nasr after the 2022 Qatar World Cup and scored 14 goals and 2 assists in 16 games. Not bad if you look at the records. Still, Ronaldo is underrated.

“Tribuna” said, “It is Ronaldo who is excluded from this list (expected best 11). He hasn’t impressed since joining Al Nasr in January. He scored mostly against weaker opponents,” he said. “He is no longer number 10 and cannot play on the side. He is, but he is not a better player than Benzema.”

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