After a recent technical problem in Ontario, Gateway Casino and Entertainment are now starting to resume work at gaming facilities across the state. On Saturday, April 29, 2023, the operator announced that it had begun a phased reopening over the next few days. Gateway Casino Innisphill opened at around noon on Saturday.

Gateway Casino and Entertainment is one of Canada’s largest land-based gaming facility operators, with 14 properties in Ontario, 15 in British Columbia and two in Alberta. However, operations in Ontario were hit by a cyberattack over the weekend of April 16, 2023, which resulted in the prolonged closure of all gambling sites in the region.

On Saturday, the main operator announced that Gateway Casino Innisphill will reopen as of 12 p.m. local time. In a press release, the company said slots and table games will be offered to customers at the venue. In addition, Gateway restaurants have also resumed operations and are currently accepting reservations and welcoming guests, it said.

In addition, the broker also provided the latest information on the casino Lamar resort close to Oriya. It is reported that the concert at the concert hall will be held as scheduled. I also bet we’ll resume work in other Ontario areas over the next few days. Customers should visit the official website or follow the social web page to get the latest information on the issue.

The company also said it valued the patience demonstrated by customers, employees and government partners during its efforts to address technology issues. It also said that despite the unfortunate incident, it will resume work with third-party experts to determine if it has affected personal information and provide the public with the latest updates.

Paul Byrnes, chairman and CEO of the Canadian Game Association, also said a few words about the long-term closure of casinos in the region. He commented that the operator saw players return to the field steadily recently, but the cyber attack was an unfortunate incident. He remained optimistic, and the company will be able to solve the problem and get back to normal.

Last year, unionists at Gateway Casino and Casino Lamar agreed on a new and improved collective agreement. The new agreement began in 2022 and will last for three years. We are giving workers a 9.5% wage increase during the contract period, while strengthening benefits, etc. Negotiated by Unipo Local 1090.

At the time, Greg Weaver, the union’s chairman and second vice president, said wage increases would help employees recover from multiple closures in recent years. The new agreement calls for a 15% increase in skilled transactions over the next three years, while significantly reducing and improving wage progress.


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