Tottenham Hotspur and Bayern Munich executives met to discuss Harry Kane transfer. However, there is still a large gap in the transfer fee that each other thinks.

‘The Athletic’ said, “Even after meeting in London on Monday, the difference between Bayern and Tottenham’s transfer fee is about 29.2 million euros (25 million pounds, about 41 billion won). ” reported.The transfer fee difference is approximately 29.2 million euros (25 million pounds, about 41 billion won).”

Bayern want to sign Kane. After Robert Lewandowski left for Barcelona last summer, he failed to sign a striker to match. From that time, there were reports that they were considering signing Kane, and this year, when the contract period is only one year away, they are promoting the recruitment in earnest.

Tottenham doesn’t want to send Kane, the club’s top star, but it’s a burdensome situation to release next year without a transfer fee. So, unlike when Manchester City tried to recruit Kane two years ago, they adhered to the non-transfer position, they are accepting negotiations.

The only problem is the transfer fee. Tottenham thinks that even if they have no choice but to send Kane, they should receive a sufficient transfer fee. There are observations that they want more than about 117 million euros (100 million pounds, about 164 billion won).

Bayern executives, including Bayern CEO Jan-Christian Dresen, are constantly in contact with Tottenham to close the gap. After meeting in person once in early July, we prepared another meeting in London last Friday. The Friday meeting was canceled, but we made another appointment on Monday, July 31 local time. The Bayern side flew directly to London to talk, but they still couldn’t reach an agreement, only confirming the difference of opinion once again.

According to The Athletic, the gap is 29.2 million euros. Considering the fact that Bayern prepared an improved offer than before and the amount known as Tottenham’s demand, Bayern is around 90 million euros (approximately 126.5 billion won), in pounds 75 million (approximately 123 billion won) It can be estimated that the proposed level of 80 million pounds (approximately 131.2 billion won) in

An agreement has not yet been reached, but Tottenham are also looking for a replacement. Since there is Hischarlisson, who has experience in the English Premier League (EPL), he is mainly connected with young players. Bayern striker Matisse Tell, born in 2005, and KAA Gent striker Gift Orban, born in 2002, are in the spotlight.


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