“Paris Saint-Germain is expected to receive an insulting offer from Real at the last minute for Mbappe. PSG, convinced that Mbappe has already agreed with Real. “The leaders are preparing to accept a very low offer from Real Madrid at the last minute this summer.”

The 31st is the date Mbappe, PSG and Real are all watching. The media said, “July 31 is the deadline for triggering conditions for Mbappe to extend his contract at PSG until 2025. If his silence continues, Mbappe can be released as a free agent (FA) a year later.” Explained.

Mbappe has a contract with PSG until June 2024. Therefore, if you do not continue to accompany PSG by signing a renewal contract in the transfer market this summer, you can freely negotiate transfers with other teams according to the Bosman rule from January 2024, and free agency (FA) status after June 2024. It is possible to transfer for a transfer fee of 0 won.

However, Mbappe announced plans not to renew the contract. Journalist Fabricio Romano, who is familiar with European football news, said last month, “Mbappe has informed PSG of his decision. He will not trigger a one-year extension option until 2025. His contract expires in 2024.”

“PSG’s position is clear. Mbappe either renews this summer or is sold. PSG have no intention of losing Mbappe to free agency status in 2024. I’m surprised he didn’t,” he added.

“Mbappe said he would not renew his contract with PSG. The deadline for Mbappe to notify whether or not to renew his contract is until July 31. However, after several months of discussion, he sent a letter rejecting the extension.” told

It was reported that Mbappe had sent a second letter to PSG in a situation where the transfer rumor was heating up. The French’L’Equipe’ said on the 7th, “Mbappe sent a letter to the club in June and once again in July showed his desire not to renew the contract until 2025.” Spain’s Marca also explained that “Mbappe has sent a second letter explaining in more detail why he does not want to renew the contract.”

PSG was also furious. Chairman Al-Khelaifi announced his position on the move of Mbappe at a press conference on the appointment of coach Luis Enrique on the 5th. “My position is clear. I don’t want to repeat the same thing. Mbappe has to sign a new contract if he wants to stay. We want him to stay too. I don’t want to let the best player in the world go free. “It’s not going to happen. It’s a very clear situation. There’s no one bigger than the club.”

PSG’s position is clear. It is a transfer or renewal contract. It was nailed that there would be no handing over to other clubs as a free agent. PSG have invested a lot of money in Mbappe since he was 18 years old. His weekly salary is astronomical. The British ‘Talk Sports’ explained, “There is speculation that Mbappe receives a weekly wage of 1 million pounds (about 1.6 billion won), but his current weekly wage is 650,000 pounds (about 1.08 billion won).” It means that if PSG does not receive the transfer fee, it will be a huge loss.

PSG issued an ultimatum to Mbappe, who was on vacation. According to the contents of the letter released by ‘RMC Sport’, PSG “has always seen Mbappe at the club, guaranteeing that the club will respond favorably to the transfer request at the agreed time. We discussed a very ambitious signing. True, it was partially achievable given the transfer market conditions and European regulatory constraints.We tried to comply with your request, but you showed a lack of sincerity in your first letter sent in the summer of 2022. The club I am asking for a meeting to find out the best possible option to avoid ‘paralysis of the club’.”

Against this backdrop, Mbappe returned to PSG pre-season training, drawing everyone’s attention, and Britain’s “Sky Sports” said, “PSG Chairman Nasser Al-Kelaifi will meet him for the first time since the Mbappe personal letter incident on the 18th.”

But there was no conversation. In the end, PSG decided to exclude Mbappe from the preseason tour. PSG announced a list of 29 players participating in the pre-season tour in Japan on the 22nd, but Mbappe’s name was not included. PSG sent a strong message that ‘there is no player bigger than the club’.

The contract period is until June 2024, raising the possibility of being excluded from the team for the rest of the season. “If Mbappe wants to stay in PSG without renewing his contract, he will be excluded from the UEFA Champions League (UCL) squad for the 2023-24 season,” said Ben Jacobs, a reporter for CBS Sports

Despite PSG’s strong response, Mbappe is not greatly shaken. On the 22nd, British ‘Sky Sports’ said, “Even while the club has put him up for sale, Mbappe is ready to leave PSG for the whole season until he leaves PSG next summer as a free agent. He will not play for PSG until his contract expires. “I’m ready to sit on the bench. Even if Euro 2024 takes place next summer, his thoughts won’t change.”

In this situation, Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia sent a love call. Reporter Romano said, “Despite the Al-Hilal delegation’s flight to Paris, Mbafe refused to negotiate with Al-Hilal. He currently negotiates despite a fixed amount of 200 million euros (approximately 282 billion won) and 100% image rights. There is no intention to start.”

Al Hilal is one of the clubs that sent a love call to Mbappe this summer. On the 24th, Britain’s ‘The Athletic’ said, “Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) received an offer of 300 million euros (approximately 426.5 billion won) from Al Hilal for the signing of Mbafe. We have been given the authority to do so,” he said.

It’s a welcome offer from PSG’s point of view. Reporter Romano said: “PSG has obviously accepted the offer of 300 million euros, but there is no talk with the player at this time. Al-Hilal will offer Mbappe the world’s best salary, even for one season. I feel that the contract is confirmed in 2024.”

It is Al-Hilal who offered a jaw-dropping annual salary. Reporter Mateo Moreto of Spain’s ‘Lelebo’ explained through social media that “Al-Hilal offered Mbafe an annual salary of 700 million euros (approximately 995 billion won).” Converting this to weekly wages is 13.4 million euros (approximately 19 billion won).

However, Mbappe rejected the Al-Hilal offer. ‘Lelevo’ said, “There is no doubt about Mbappe’s future. He would rather have a blank year than move to Saudi Arabia. No matter how good an offer PSG gets, you have to agree with the player to proceed with the transfer. “I can’t force him to sign with the team. Mbappe doesn’t want to play in the Saudi league.”

It indirectly revealed his will to transfer to Real Madrid. The terms of transfer to Real Madrid are simple. Real have to pay the transfer fee set by PSG. If Real pays 250 million euros (about 352 billion won), Mbappe will also be able to keep some money in his pocket. ‘Marca’ explained, “When the transfer is complete, Mbafe will share half of the transfer fee as compensation for giving up 192 million euros (about 270 billion won), which is the salary for the remaining time.”

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