Bayer 04 Leverkusen’s long-cherished dream, coach Xavi Alonso, who won the German Bundesliga, is satisfied with his life at Leverkusen.

Alonso is the most notable leader in all of Europe. He achieved this feat just after his professional debut in two seasons. He beat Bayern Munich, which had grabbed the title for 11 consecutive seasons, and gave Leverkusen the trophy. It was the first Bundesliga championship in Leverkusen’s history.

In addition, 25 wins and 4 losses have been recorded in an overwhelming margin of victory, solidifying the team’s early victory. The 29-match unbeaten record is the most unbeaten in a season in the history of the German Bundesliga. The team will seek to have no loss in the remaining five matches.

It is unbeaten not only in the league but also throughout the season. It has recorded 38 wins and five draws in 43 matches including the Cup, advancing to the quarterfinals of the UEFA Europa League and the DFB Pokal final. Its unbeaten record in 43 matches is also tied with the record of most undefeated matches in the European Big League. If Leverkusen does not lose in the next match, it will surpass Juventus, which was tied for first place, which was never lost from May 2011 to May 2012.

Many teams coveted Alonso because of his outstanding achievements. Rumors were raised about the move, as his former team, which had deep affection for him, also showed interest in the signing of a new contract ahead of this season. Bayern and Liverpool, where the team’s coaches had announced their resignations in advance, have emerged as likely destinations. However, Alonso decided last month to stay and announced that he would accompany Leverkusen more.

Leverkusen President Fernando Caro expressed his pride in Alonso’s decision to stay in the club in an interview with Spanish media AS published on Wednesday (Korea time). “Many clubs wanted Alonso. One day, Alonso may take over as manager of one of them, especially the team he played for. But right now, Alonso is happy at Leverkusen. That is why he is staying.”

Although the contract was not renewed recently, Alonso’s contract with Leverkusen has a buyout clause, which caused rumors of a transfer. Some even said that there is a clause allowing a transfer if Real Madrid, Bayern or Liverpool, where he played, approached him. When asked about the buyout, Caro did not confirm, saying it was a secret

With the end of the season, it is time for rumors of transferring players to Leverkusen. Interest in Leverkusen players, who have made great achievements, is already high. Caro acknowledged that it would be difficult to protect everyone due to the club’s financial situation, and announced his plan to support Alonso with the profits. “We need to sell big players every year to create a budget to bring in new players. We will sell about one player this year as well. We will sign two or three players with that money.”

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