Coach Jeon Hee-chul , who shed tears of emotion after leading SK to its first integrated championship in the first year of his managerial debut, missed the championship by a narrow margin in his second year, last season, and shed tears.

Coach Jeon Hee-chul warmly comforted the players who were physically and mentally exhausted after handing over the championship cup to Ginseng Corporation after an extended bloody battle in Game 7 of the championship match at the time.

However, after moving to the press conference room, the tears she had been holding back poured out.

“All the players have really suffered a lot. As a manager, I have nothing more to say,” he said, “I feel very sorry for the players,” and lowered his head.

  • Director Jeon Hee-chul, who is in his 3rd year, “Tears in his 2nd year should be used as a foundation for growth”

The former coach, who was in his third year as coach, seemed to have become more solid ahead of the new season.

Director Jeon, whom I recently met at SK’s Gangneung field training ground, said, “I think the tears I shed in my second year have a greater meaning to me.”

He said, “I made a mistake, and I try not to repeat the mistakes I made in my second year. It seems that the good things are quickly forgotten. I will take the pain with me for the rest of my life and use it as a basis for making good decisions.”

Director Jeon said, “It is difficult to be a manager even now, in my third year.”

” As a manager, you always have to work hard and pay attention to fill in the missing parts. It’s fortunate that my decision comes out with good results, but I think the process of making a decision is particularly difficult. Even now, in my third year, it’s difficult. I think I’m still lacking too much. , I think I have to learn a lot.”

  • The reason for the ‘3rd quarter operation time of the 6th round of the championship’… SK’s ‘speed basketball’ gets stronger this year!

It is consequential, but the most regrettable moment for the former coach will be the 3rd quarter of the 6th game.

SK, which was ahead of Ginseng Corporation with 3 wins and 2 losses until the 5th game, ran away with a 15-point margin in the 3rd quarter of the 6th game, and seemed to be on the verge of winning for the second consecutive season.

Coach Jeon, who called the operation time, made the choice to take a breather without excluding three players.

It was a realistic choice considering the fatigue of SK players accumulated from the remaining 4th quarter and 6th round playoffs to the championship match.

However, on the contrary, Ginseng Corporation, which had time to reorganize, wrote a false reverse, and Game 7 also ended with Ginseng Corporation’s victory.

Director Jeon confessed the reason for making that decision, saying, “It’s my mistake,” at the time of the operation when it was defeated.

Coach Jeon said, “At that time, I saw the players struggling so much. There is a part that many people misunderstand. ‘Since the score difference (15 points) widened greatly, I called time to go to the game comfortably.’ You think so, but that’s not it. At the time, three players sent me a signal, and I thought that I would miss a complete victory to replace all the players right away. So I called time, and as a result, I made a mistake.”

SK, which has strengthened its strength by recruiting veteran Oh Se-geun in the FA market, is considered a strong candidate for the championship in the upcoming new season.

Last season’s regular league MVP Kim Seon-hyung is still alive, and Ahn Young-jun, who was the main player in the combined championship in the 2021-22 season, is expected to return from military service and help.

Coach Jeon emphasized that he would add strength to SK’s signature fast-breaking basketball this season.

“There is a concern that ‘the speed will be slow’, but it is unlikely that our color will change just because one or two players change. Player Se-geun Oh also said that he runs well. We also want to add the strength of the set offense.”

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