The men’s professional volleyball OK Financial Group beat Woori Card to advance to the semifinals of the 2023 KOVO Cup.

OK Financial Group won 3-2 (25-23 19-25 25-18 23-25 15 25-23 25-18 23-13). OK Financial Group, which won 3-0 against KB Insurance on the 6th and lost 2-3 against Korean Air on the 8th, succeeded in advancing to the semifinals with the victory. In Group B, the Japanese invitational team, which Panasonic and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance each won two games, confirmed their advance to the semifinals, and on the 11th, they will take first and second place in the group. The semi-finals on the 12th will be completed only after Group B qualifiers on the 11th.

The showdown between the two teams drew attention as a “single tree bridge match,” and both teams had one win and one loss before the match, allowing the winning team to advance to the semifinals.
In volleyball, where offense and blocking are the most important, Woori Card was ahead, the attack success rate was 48.50%, ahead of OK Financial Group (44.68%), and blocking was also better than 9 OK Financial Group with 14 attacks.

But the joys and sorrows of this game were divided in the operation of the crime room. OK Financial Group recorded 24 crimes, and Woori Card committed 32 more and 8 more crimes. This is where the game is decided.

The fifth set started after exchanging one foot at a time. OK Financial Group, which started the lead from the beginning, seemed to take the fifth set with a 9-5 lead. Woori Card’s one-point server Jung Sung-kyu shook OK Financial’s receive with a strong serve, and Kim Ji-han’s attack shot fired to tie the score 9-9.

After that, the game, which was played in a close match, was split in a situation where OK Financial Group was ahead 12-11. Woori Card Han Seong-jeong tried to attack directly after receiving the receive, but was kicked up by the opponent’s defense, and OK Financial Group made it 13-11 with Cha Ji-hwan succeeding in a quick open. Cha Ji-hwan made a match point with a quick open at 13-12. In Woori Card, Kim Ji-han went to the back of the court after scoring in the front line and blew the last serve, but the serve got caught in the net and the game was lost.

For OK Financial Group, Shin Ho-jin, who started as an apogee due to Jeon Byeong-seon’s injury, scored 25 points, and Cha Ji-hwan scored 19 points to provide solid support. Song Myeong-geun of Woori Card played a big role with 22 points including 2 blockings and an attack success rate of 54.55% in the face of the ‘parent team’ OK Financial Group, and Kim Ji-han scored 26 points, the highest among both teams, but had to cry at the management of the room.

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