He miraculously revived ahead of FA. Ryu Hyun-jin (Toronto Blue Jays), who became a winning pitcher in 444 days after undergoing Tommy John surgery and rehabilitation, achieved another human victory and raised his share price as a reserve free agent.

Ryu Hyun-jin started the home game against the Chicago Cubs on the 14th (hereinafter Korean time) and led Toronto to an 11-4 victory with 5 innings, 2 hits, 2 walks, 3 strikeouts and no runs. With his first win of the season, he enjoyed the thrill of becoming a winning pitcher 444 days after the Los Angeles Angels game on May 27 last year, before Tommy John surgery. led With his first win of the season, he enjoyed the thrill of becoming the winning pitcher 444 days after the Los Angeles Angels game on May 27 last year, before Tommy John surgery.

When he went to the operating table for the fourth time in his mid-30s in June of last year, Ryu Hyun-jin’s baseball life seemed to be over. However, just as he became the second-place pitcher in the Cy Young Award in the Major League after undergoing shoulder joint and labrum suture surgery in 2015, which had only a 7% chance of a comeback, Ryu Hyun-jin rose again like a tumbleweed.

  • “Ryu Hyun-jin’s perfect comeback ahead of free agency, what Toronto needed” Toronto Press

‘Ryu Hyun-jin is providing exactly what Toronto needs’ under the title, ‘At the beginning of this season, the possibility of Ryu Hyun-jin playing a meaningful role in Toronto seemed slim. He was scheduled to miss until after the All-Star break last year due to an elbow injury. He is a pitcher who was nominated for the Cy Young Award twice, but was likely to rust due to poor velocity after his return. Pitchers who underwent Tommy John surgery usually return after 12 months, but they can return to their full form only after 18 months.”

He said, “Before the FA, Ryu’s first goal was to return to the starting lineup and prove that he is still a player who can contribute to the team. The more he throws, the more teams will give him a chance in the offseason. The 36-year-old needed innings and a chance to get back in top form to prove he was healthy, but Toronto didn’t have time to audition. That’s even more so because the Seattle Mariners were catching up with the last spot on the wild card,” he continued

Concerns did not disappear even when he became a losing pitcher with nine hits (one home run), one walk, three strikeouts and four runs in five innings against the Baltimore Orioles on the 2nd before his return. However, in the game against the Cleveland Guardians on the 8th, he rebounded with one walk, two strikeouts and no runs in four innings until he was replaced by a knee hit by a ball, and had one win, one loss, and a 2.57 ERA in three games.

The Toronto star said, “There was a scenario in which Ryu Hyun-jin’s return could be somewhat cluttered, but it has been going perfectly so far. Alec Manoa’s continued slump has created a vacancy, and Ryu Hyun-jin is feeling rewarded with a pitch that exceeds expectations. “Although his ball speed has fallen and his pitching has not yet been fully recovered, he showed good performance by blocking the Cubs’ batters with two runs in five innings,” he said.

  • “The same as he was before the injury, he makes difficult things easy at his age” Toronto coach

On this day, Ryu Hyun-jin threw a total of 86 pitches, using four-seam fastball (40), changeup (24), cutter (12), and curve (10). The four-seam fastball speed was 91.1 miles (146.6 kilometers) and an average of 88.4 miles (142.3 kilometers), allowing only two hits. He stole the timing of the batters with stable command, main weapon changeups, and curves. In the first inning, the defense error was the only one that had two runs in secret, and the Cubs’ batters were blocked without additional runs until the fifth inning.

Toronto coach John Schneider said after the game, “It’s really amazing. He didn’t hesitate for a moment to subdue his opponent’s hard hit. He is showing everything he did before his injury in three games after his return. I can’t believe I’m doing this at that age. It’s not easy, but it looks really easy.” As he continues to pitch in the future, the higher the speed, the better he will be. He can throw really well

Ryu Hyun-jin also said, “Honestly, I’m really happy. That’s what I’ve been hoping for since the surgery. It’s good to win individually, but it’s good to help the team win.” He confidently said that he is producing good results because every pitch works as well as he wants

At the end of this season, Ryu Hyun-jin’s four-year, $80 million free agent contract with Toronto will end. If you keep your current pace until the end of the rest of the season, you can get good enough treatment in the free agent market. The 36-year-old makes big long-term contracts difficult, but demands for proven starters are endless. Having revived at an exquisite time, Ryu has begun to raise expectations for another free agent contract.

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