Incheon United, with foreign striker Stefan Mugosa He is continuing his challenge for the top four for two consecutive seasons in the lead. Mugosa, who returned to his home team Incheon last month, is regaining his sense of goal by scoring in two games.

Incheon has been on a steep rise this summer, and since July, it has been aiming to leap to the top with five wins, one draw and one loss in seven games. As of the 15th, the K League 1 ranking is 7th (36 points), but the gap between Jeonbuk Hyundai (41 points) and FC Seoul (38 points) in 3rd place is not large.

Incheon returned to Mugosa, the “finish of a broken sword (blue + black), and won thousands of horses in the first round of the mid-range battle. Mugosa, who left for Vissel Kobe in the Japanese J1 League in July last year, returned to his home team after a year. Mugosa said, “It’s an honor to wear my favorite uniform again. “I want to play only in Incheon until I retire,” he said. “I will prove that Incheon is still healthy.”

As promised, Mugosa showed off his strength by scoring a comeback goal in two games in the K League 1. In the league’s 26th round match against Daegu FC at home on the 13th, he led the team to a 3-1 victory with one goal and one assist. He also showed fantastic teamwork by scoring two goals while working with another foreign player, Juso.

Mugosa, who made his debut in Incheon in 2018, has been reborn as a representative striker of the league for five seasons until last year. He has 69 goals and 11 assists in 131 games. He has also served as a troubleshooter to score goals in important situations. Last year, he scored 14 goals in just 18 games before leaving for Japan.

Once, Incheon’s nickname was ‘King Jangryu’. It is a nickname that has never been demoted from the K League 1 since the promotion system was introduced in 2013. In other words, it also means that he has remained in the relegation zone for many years. However, Incheon finished the season in fourth place last year. It’s time to completely erase the painful nickname from your memory.

Coach Cho Sung-hwan set his team’s goal for this season as “Big Four,” and expressed his ambition to become a team representing the K League 1 by ranking in the top four for the second consecutive year.

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