Tottenham’s Pierre-Emile Hoivierg wants to leave the team. He will change the team right away in this winter’s transfer market.

British media ‘Cut Offside’ reported on the 24th (Korea time) that ‘Hoyager is expected to leave Tottenham before the end of the January transfer market.’

“He is facing a new challenge,” he said, adding, “Juventus has signed him in recent months.”

He also said, “However, a contract could not be agreed. Tottenham stuck to Hojbjerg. But if Tottenham’s conditions are met, they will sell him.”

Hojbjerg, a native of Bayern Munich, arrived at Tottenham in the 2020-21 season via Southampton. He showed stability as a central midfielder. From the first year of his transfer to last season, he instilled a certain level of confidence in all managers during the three seasons.

Last season, Hojbjerg scored five goals and seven assists in 44 games. His influence over the team was so great that he started all 35 Premier League games.

His presence on and off the field was remarkable. The Evening Standard, a British media outlet, said, “He is regarded as a leader in the locker room and the stadium. His perfectionist tendencies are widely recognized by the club,” and evaluated that he may become Tottenham’s next captain.

However, this season’s position has been narrowed down. This is because he was not selected by Angie Postekoglou. Postekoglou is using Yves Bissouma, James Maddison, and Tape Sar in midfield. Hojbjerg played in a total of 22 matches this season and started only five of 20 Premier League matches.

Hojbjerg’s contract ends in the summer of 2025. It is time to think about renewing his contract and moving. Under these circumstances, his position in the team has narrowed. He naturally wants to move.

Tottenham is also interested in selling the Hoijerg. However, there are conditions. Graham Bailey, a transfer market expert, said, “Tottenham will let him go. However, there will be no loan transfer regardless of the timing of the transfer. Only a complete transfer is possible.”

Hojbjerg has received attention from Juventus and Bayern Munich. He is confident about the move because he has a club that wants him. In fact, according to Niccolo Skira, an Italian journalist who is leading the pack, Hojbjerg appointed a new agent in December last year. He seems to continue his efforts to move the team.



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