The Year of the Blue Dragon Korean female professional golf tour Dragon stars shared their hopeful resolutions.

Representative Dragon stars are Lim Hee-jung, Cho Ah-yeon, and Jung Yoon-ji. Playing for national teams as amateurs, they unfortunately did not enjoy the joy of winning last year. All three pledged their determination to “celebrate this year as the Year of the Dragon and shake off the regrets of the 2023 season.”

Lim Hee-jung said, “The 2023 season has been a year to make my own golf. There were many good moments, but I want to compliment myself for enduring the hard moments.” “I will work hard on all my shots in the 2024 season,” Lim said. “My goal is to become a golfer.” Lim Hee-jung made no secret of her ambition to rank No. 1 in birdie rates at par-5 holes by delivering recent news at a golf equipment launch event.

Cho Ah-yeon, who spent last year in a rough patch, said that the 2023 season was a disappointing and difficult season due to poor health. “I’m preparing hard to stay healthy and healthy for the 2024 season. I’ll do my best to come back.”

Jung Yoon-ji also expressed her intention to enjoy the season, saying, “I will show you happy laughter often during the 2024 season.”

They are not the only Dragon stars. Hong Ji-won, who won the Hanwha Classic in 2022 and the Korea Women’s Open Golf Championship last year, is drawing keen attention this year as well. “I want to win a major competition in 2024 and achieve a Grand Slam,” Hong said. “I’ll work hard to show better performances this year, so please show your support and support.”

Hong Jin-young 2, who is in his third year of the KLPGA Tour, also vowed to “compensate for what he missed and seek his first victory in the 2024 season.” 먹튀검증

Some players were born in the year of the dragon. They are Yoon Hwa-young and Subin. Yoon advanced to the regular tour for the 2021 season, but failed to secure a seed and played an active part in the dream tour last year. “There were many difficult days last year, but I did not give up and persevered until the end, and I think I had a chance to return to the regular tour,” Yoon said. “I want to grow up and look back and make sure that I don’t have any regrets.”

Jung Soo-bin, who returned to the regular tour after finishing 15th in last year’s Dream Tour prize money ranking, also said, “As I return to the regular tour, I want to prepare well and win my first victory.”

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