The men’s volleyball team OK Financial Group has continued its four-game winning streak by beating the league leader Woori Card. Leo’s attack and Bu Yong-chan’s defense played their part, raising the ranking to the next level. Woori Card, on the other hand, has been bogged down for three consecutive losses.

OK Financial Group won the set score 3-1 (25-19 25-15 21-25 25-23) against Woori Card in the fourth round of the men’s professional volleyball Dodram 2023-24 V-League held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 10th.

OK Financial Group has won four consecutive games. Since the match against Korean Air (3-0) on April 29, it has won four consecutive games following Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (3-2) and Korea Electric Power (3-1), advancing to fourth place in the league with 33 points (12 wins and 10 losses). It also saw its score decrease to five points against third-ranked Korean Air (38 points, 12 wins and 10 losses).

In particular, OK Financial Group has been strong against Woori Card this season. It has maintained its lead with three wins and one loss in four showdowns so far today. On the other hand, Woori Card has been weak against OK Financial Group with one win and three losses, and has recently been mired in a three-game losing streak to maintain an unstable lead. It is four points behind second-ranked Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (38 points, 14 wins and seven losses), which played one game less.

On the day, OK Financial Group showed off its firepower, with foreign mercenary Leo scoring 36 points, Shin Ho-jin scoring 11 points, and Cha Ji-hwan scoring 10 points. Leo greatly reduced the ups and downs of his offense by controlling the strength and weakness of his offense in each set, and showed an attack success rate of 58 percent. On top of that, Libero Bu Yong-chan showed remarkable performance. He boosted the mood by banking on his team’s critical defense at the critical moment. He poured cold water on Woori Card’s offense by garnering 13 receptions and 12 digs.

Manager Oh Gi-no acknowledged Bu Yong-chan’s credit after the game. “Boo is leading the team with an active attitude as a captain. He has been using him to communicate well about his opponent’s ability to allow serve aces and who will receive the receivers. I am encouraged by his good performance and more desire, especially during practice,” he said. “I am trying to show my will. I think the team is enjoying such good momentum.” 먹튀검증

Boo Yong-chan, who has been spending more time on the court recently, said, “It’s good for a player to have more roles,” adding, “I’m trying to make a positive impact on my team not only because I know what the coach wants, but also because I know what the coach wants.” He continued, “The coach wants to fight and he emphasizes a lot on ‘call sign’ (who will get it). I can relate to call signings because they are the basics of professional players.”

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