There was a lot of ‘food’ at the ‘famous feast’. This is because the players truly created ‘food’.

On the 9th, the ‘Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball All-Star Festival’ was held at Incheon Dowon Gymnasium. The excitement of the All-Star Game, which was held for the first time in about three years due to the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), was hotter than ever. Out of a total of 1,700 seats at Incheon Dowon Gymnasium, tickets for 1,451 seats, excluding seats with obstructed view, were sold out, and fans’ hearts were filled with anticipation.

What made the event successful was the sincerity of the players who tried to bring joy to the fans. As it was an event match, we tried to provide enjoyment not only in the game but also outside of the game. From food truck fan service to dance performances, they ignited their passionate hearts towards their fans.

Before the game, the players transformed into ‘food trucks’ and had time to interact closely with fans by selling food. As the main goal was communication, not sales, we had a great time responding to fans’ requests for commemorative photos. Kim Dan-bi (Woori Bank) and Jinan (BNK), who sold takoyaki, provided sincere fan service by doing the so-called ‘octopus dance’ with fans in between them, saying, “Videos are better than photos,” when fans asked to take commemorative photos. It seemed.

The players I met before the game showed signs of working hard for the All-Star Game until late the night before. Kang Yu-rim (Samsung Life Insurance), who was busy selling food and talking to fans, said, “It’s amazing and fun because it’s my first time interacting with fans like this. I practiced a lot yesterday so I was tired, but seeing the fans cheered me up.” Kim Jin-young (Shinhan Bank) also showed excitement, saying, “I’m happy because it’s my first All-Star game in three years and I’m happy to see the fans up close. I felt tired because I practiced late, but my mood lifts.”

‘No. 1 in fan voting’ Shin Ji-hyun (Hana One Q) said at a press conference before the game, “For the first All-Star game in three years, I discussed the ceremony with my teammates and practiced dancing until late last night. Please stay tuned. To make it a special day. “I came prepared,” he said.

As expected by the players, a rich performance unfolded. As the player introductions began, each player had a ‘dance ceremony’ to various songs. A bit clumsy like Ahn Hye-ji’s (BNK)’s ‘Sassspping’, shy like Han Chae-jin’s (Shinhan Bank) ‘Attention’, fascinating like Kim Jin-young’s (Shinhan Bank) ‘Solo’, and hot and bold like Jinan (BNK)’s ‘Next Level’. The emotional dance moves continued. Even though there was a difference in skill, they were the same in doing their best for their fans.

After the second quarter, players from both teams showed off a full-fledged ‘dance performance’ that they had honed over the years. Blue Star danced to (G)I-DLE’s ‘Tomboy’, and Pink Star danced to Psy’s ‘That That’. Players from both teams then finished the performance by dancing to New Jeans’ ‘Hype Boy’ together.

Events and fan service during the game were natural. When Jinan scored the team’s first goal, he held a ceremony to bow to the crowd. Kim Dan-bi and Park Ji-hyun suddenly called director Wi Sang-woo “oppa” and then danced the recently popular ‘Wanganda’ dance. Sonia Kim and Hanbyeol Kim had a 1-on-1 freestyle match. The players’ provocation ceremony also drew cheers from the audience. There was also a hilarious scene where former KBL star Lee Dong-jun suddenly appeared on the court and had a one-on-one match with his wife, Sonia Kim.

After the game, an impromptu autograph session was held for the players at the stadium. Ms. Han (25), an avid female professional basketball fan who was waiting for the autograph session, said, “The All-Star Game attracts more attention to the event than the game, so I enjoyed seeing the players that I don’t usually see. I think the players did a good job.” “More than anything, (the players) “It’s good to see it up close,” he said. He looked like a completely satisfied basketball fan from the beginning to the end of the All-Star Game. 먹튀검증디비

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