Eric, who received the Heo Hoon buff, showed signs of rebound.

This season, Suwon KT is worried about its second option foreign player, Michael Eric (35, 211cm). He was recruited thinking he was a traditional big man with strengths in playing under the basket, but his performance is not showing up. Although he is the second option after Paris Bass, he has not shown his strengths at all so far. As of the morning of the 24th, the season record is 4.2 points and 3.6 rebounds with an average of 8 minutes and 28 seconds played in 11 games.

Nevertheless, there is one thing to look forward to. Ace Heo Hoon, who was discharged from Sangmu on the 15th, returned. Heo Hoon is not only good at attacking, but he is also good at keeping his teammates alive. In particular, he has strengths in the two-man game, so it was expected that he would work well with Eric. This is why it appears that if Eric receives Heo Hoon’s buff, he will be able to fully survive.

The 2023-2024 CheongKwanJang professional basketball match between Anyang CheongKwanJang and KT was held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 24th. Before the game, KT coach Song Young-jin said, “Eric obviously has strengths. Heo Hoon has just joined. First of all, I think we should look at the combination with Heo Hoon and then judge. We must do our best to utilize Eric. “We plan to bring in (Heo) Hoon, (Moon) Seong-gon, and Eric together in the second quarter today (24th) to widen the spacing so that we can take advantage of our strengths,” he said.

As coach Song Young-jin said, Eric stepped on the court with Heo Hoon, Moon Seong-gon, Choi Chang-jin, and Han Hee-won at the start of the second quarter. He actively targeted the bottom of Cheong Gwan-jang’s goal, where one foreign player was missing. He attempted a post-up as well as a two-man game with Heo Hoon. Heo Hoon also tried to save Eric. As a result, Eric scored 9 points in the second quarter alone.

Eric, who was brought back in in the second half, roared with an exciting dunk. Although he didn’t catch many rebounds, he didn’t neglect defense either. He scored another goal in the fourth quarter, helping KT win 94-85.

Eric played 10 minutes and 28 seconds and performed well with 15 points and 3 rebounds. He also received a passing grade in terms of efficiency, throwing 9 field goals and hitting 7 of them. 15 points is also the most points scored in a KBL stage game. 사설토토

Eric showed signs of a rebound by showing good chemistry with Heo Hoon. Can Heo Hoon receive the buff and meet coach Song Young-jin’s expectations? If he fully recovers, KT is expected to be able to present a more diverse lineup depending on the situation.

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