This is why the setter is so important. The commander plans to engage in dialogue.

Women’s professional volleyball Korea Expressway Corporation recorded a set score of 2-3 (19-25 23-25 ​​25-23 25-23 10- 15), unfortunately lost.

One point was earned by winning a full set. They dropped IBK Industrial Bank (11 points, 4 wins, 6 losses) with 12 points (3 wins, 7 losses) in the season and rose from 6th place to 5th place.

The team was ahead in receiving efficiency at 51.02%-37.89%, but fell behind in attack success rate at 38.92%-48.68%. Wing striker Vanja Bukiric (registered name Bukiric) scored 35 points (45.07% attack success rate), the most in the team, including 2 blocks and 1 serve. Middle blocker Yuna Bae contributed with 4 blocks and 1 serve, scoring 17 points (70.59% attack success rate). 토토사이트

After the game, Kim Jong-min, the road construction manager, brought up the name of setter Lee Yun-jeong. Coach Kim said, “I kept telling him to give the ball to Bukiric, but he kept giving the ball to the wrong place. Even in the first set, the trend was in our favor until the mid to late half, but when it was crucial, we gave the ball to another player,” and “It was the same in the second set.” “It has become difficult,” he said.

He then smiled bitterly, saying, “I don’t know what (Lee) Yoon-jeong is thinking. I think we need to talk about it.” He said, “That one play from moment to moment determines victory or defeat. If there is a clear route, the first thing to do is to save that player.” He added, “Our ace is Bukirich. If you are going to play a set that is visible to the opponent anyway, you have to give the ball to Bukirich. “He emphasized.

Bukiric did not produce any offensive points with an offensive share of 15.56% in the first set. Scored 2 points through blocking alone. In the second set, he scored 5 points (57.14% attack success rate) with 1 serve at an attack rate of 25%. The importance increased from the 3rd set. Scored 5 points with an attack share of 41.3% (attack success rate 26.32%). In the 4th set, he accounted for 75% of the attack and scored 17 points (70.83% attack success rate). The 5th set featured 6 points (42.86% attack success rate) with an attack share of 87.5%.

Coach Kim said, “To win the game, the ace must work out well. We didn’t see Bukiric until the second set,” and added, “I told him to save the ace first and then combine the next attack, but he completely ran the ball in the fourth set.”

The road construction company is using Moon Jeong-won as a receiving aposite spiker. Bukiric and Tanacha, who are originally aposite spikers, are deployed in outside heater positions. On this day, Tanacha and Moon Jeong-won were used alternately depending on the situation. Director Kim said, “Bukiric is definitely good at Apogit. There is something I am worried about.”

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