The Dodgers also showed their potential as a favorite in defense. In addition, he hit San Diego with a grand slam. Kim Ha-sung succeeded in getting on base for seven consecutive games.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, the leader of the National League West, crushed the second-ranked San Diego Padres with two home runs in an away game held at Petco Park on the 12th (Korea time). Following Freddie Freeman’s first solo shot, Teoscar Hernandez hit a runaway grand slam. In addition, heavy rain from inside and outside defeated San Diego. The San Francisco Giants, which had been losing consecutively, won against the Cincinnati Reds. Lee Jung-hoo failed to play for three consecutive days.

LA Dodgers (27-14) 5-0 San Diego Padres (21-21)

The Dodgers scored five runs with two home runs. In the first inning, Freeman hit his first solo shot against “knuckle bowler” Matt Waldron. James Paxton’s scoreless pitching allowed him to maintain his lead, and Teoscar Hernandez’s grand slam in the sixth inning widened his lead. Paxton finished his starting job with four hits, four strikeouts, and no runs in six innings.

The Dodgers even defended well. In the second inning, Gavin Luxe made a jump catch on Donovan Solano’s pitch. In the seventh inning, leadoff hitter Xander Bogaerts’ pitch was blocked by James Outman. The most decisive defense was Max Muncy’s diving catch, which was made with runners on first and second bases with two outs in the eighth inning. Muncy could have lost a point as he could have hit a long ball, but he blew himself up and took the lead, and the Dodgers took the lead.

Ohtani recorded three hits and one walk from four times at bat, posting a batting average of 0.352 with an OPS of 1.090 for this season. He has only two hits and three walks from 13 times at bat in the last four games, but is still the No. 1 in batting average in the National League and the No. 1 in OPS in the Major League. He has a batting average of 0.352 and an OPS of 1.090. Ohtani was replaced by pinch hitter Kikke Hernandez in the last at-bat, but manager Dave Roberts explained that he has decided to replace Ohtani because he is showing signs of back strain. He is expected to miss the game on Wednesday.

Kim had one hit and two walks from three times at bat against Paxton, and posted the batting order as the seventh batter and shortstop. He had a hit against Paxton in his first at-bat, extending his on-base streak to seven games. However, he failed to add a hit in the rest of the at-bat. He recorded one hit from four times at bat on the 12th, bringing his season record to 0.209 with an OPS of 0.679.

He had a hit in his first at-bat. It was the second inning when the score was tied 0-1. At the ball count of 2-2, the fourth pitch of the four-seam fastball went toward his body and filled the strike zone, but Kim Ha-sung fouled it to secure the strike zone. He picked the sixth curveball to secure the full count, and in the seventh, he pulled a high four-seam fastball to send it to the left field. With this hit, Kim had a hit in two games. The speed of his exit was measured at 103.1 miles per hour (165.9 kilometers).

Kim Ha-sung has been on base at least once in the game since he recorded 0 hits in four at-bats and two strikeouts against the Arizona Diamondbacks on the 4th. Starting with one hit (home run) and three RBIs in five at-bats against Arizona on the 5th, he has been on base for seven consecutive games, finishing with one hit in three at-bats on the 12th.


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