“Come back stronger”

Multiple local media outlets in Japan and the United States reported on the 20th (Korean time) that Shohei Ohtani underwent Tommy John surgery. This was officially announced by Otani’s agent, Nez Valero, not the club.

Ohtani, who will become a free agent after this season, has officially completed his season schedule. This season’s results include appearing in 23 games on the mound, covering 132 innings, striking out 167, going 10-5, with an ERA of 3.14, and appearing in 135 games at the plate, recording 151 hits, 44 home runs, 95 RBIs, 102 runs, a batting average of 0.304, and an OPS of 1.066. The American League home run king and MVP are highly likely.

The reason Ohtani was unable to complete the season was due to injury. Ohtani went on the mound as a starting pitcher in the first game of a doubleheader against the Cincinnati Reds on the 24th of last month and was only able to pitch 1⅓ innings. Ohtani, feeling ill while pitching, voluntarily left the mound. The Angels cited ‘arm fatigue’ as the reason, and Ohtani appeared as a batter in the second game of the double header and played until the end of the game.

Although it didn’t seem like a major injury, his condition was quite bad. Ohtani underwent an MRI examination after the first game, and it was discovered that his right elbow ligament was torn. Afterwards, Ohtani went on to play the season, focusing only on batting, but this time, a side injury hindered him. Ohtani, who had been absent repeatedly, emptied all his belongings in the locker room without telling his teammates, giving rise to many speculations.

But the prediction was not wrong. The next day, the Angels announced that Ohtani was placed on the injured list (IL) and officially announced that he would not play in any games for the remainder of the season. As Ohtani ended the season early, there was also the prospect that he would undergo surgery, and on the morning of the 20th, he underwent Tommy John surgery to treat a ruptured right elbow ligament.

The Angels explained the details of the surgery, saying, “After consulting with Ohtani, the final plan was to resolve the problem, reinforce healthy ligaments, and add viable tissue considering the lifespan of the elbow.” They added, “We expect a full recovery and will be ready for the 2024 opening game.” “I will be able to strike without any restrictions, and by 2024, I will be able to use dual-wielding weapons,” he said.

Ohtani also announced the news of the surgery through SNS, saying, “I had the surgery early this morning, and everything went well. I am truly grateful for everyone’s prayers and consolation. I am very disappointed that I cannot finish this year on the field, but I will support the Angels until the end. “I will do my best and work hard to come back as a stronger diamond than ever,” he said. “I left the team during the season, but I will do my best to return to the ground as soon as possible.”

Currently, Ohtani is looking at the 2024 opening game as a hitter and the 2025 season as a pitcher. Looking at the case of Bryce Harper (Philadelphia Phillies), it may not be surprising if Ohtani appears at the plate in the opening game of the 2024 season. Harper underwent Tommy John surgery on November 24 last year, and made his comeback against the Los Angeles Dodgers on May 3 this year. It took only 160 days for Harper to return to the field.

Ohtani also has experience coming to the plate while undergoing Tommy John surgery. He underwent his first Tommy John surgery in 2018, early in his entry into the major leagues, and although he did not go on the mound, he did come to the plate wearing a brace. In addition, since the surgery was performed earlier than Harper, there is ample time to recover from his surgery area and prepare for the season.

On the 20th, when the news of Otani’s surgery was announced, Yusei Kikuchi (Toronto Blue Jays), a senior at Hanamaki Higashi High School during his high school days, pitched 5 innings against the New York Yankees, allowing 4 hits, 1 walk, 7 strikeouts, and 1 run (1 earned), making him the Major League title. I experienced the joy of achieving my first 10 wins in just 5 years of joining the team. And after the game, he expressed his sincere feelings for his junior.

According to Japan’s ‘Sports Hochi’ and ‘Full Count’, Kikuchi, who heard the news of ‘junior’ Ohtani’s surgery from reporters, said, “I think Ohtani is a man who just doesn’t stand up,” and expressed faith and expectation toward Ohtani, “come back stronger.” were revealed together.

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