The last time Kane disappointed Tottenham fans was on the 8th (Korean time). Ahead of the fifth match of the Euro 2024 qualifying group match between England and Ukraine, Kane appeared at a press conference and was asked about Tottenham.

On the spot, Kane said, “It’s definitely different pressure than I felt at Tottenham. Of course, I wanted to win at Tottenham as well, but even if we don’t win a few games, it’s not a disaster. The feeling is that Munich must win every game. The two games are 4-0. “Even though we won 3-1, there were still a lot of people saying that they were not satisfied with the way we played. This is inevitable because we belong to one of the biggest clubs in the world,” he said, adding that he was not depressed even if he did not win at Tottenham.

He continued, “We (Munich) got off to a good start and it’s fun to feel different emotions. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to move to Munich. When we return from the international match, the UEFA Champions League (UCL) begins. “I think we have a good chance of winning. I will approach the UCL with a different determination than the feeling I had in the past,” he said, adding that he feels more pressure to win compared to his time at Tottenham.

Fans began to feel betrayed by Kane when the player, who was a member of the captain’s team during his time at Tottenham, said he did not feel much pressure to win. It didn’t end here. Kane said through the British Guardian on the 9th, “There is a lot of talk about (my) win, but (the win) was not the only reason I moved to Munich. Ultimately, if I wanted to improve, I had to play at the highest level.” He explained that he had not moved to Munich.

Tottenham is a team that does not play at the highest level, so he moved to Munich. If the transfer had been made to win the championship, the public opinion of the fans would not have turned negatively. This is because Tottenham has not won the championship in 15 years, while Munich is a team that can add a trophy every season.

Tottenham fans also left a message saying that when Kane decided to leave Tottenham and move to Munich, they hoped Kane would go to Munich and win the championship. It was a heartwarming situation in which he was able to come out because Kane showed his loyalty to Tottenham until the end. However, when Kane suddenly made a remark that seemed to show disrespect for Tottenham, fans’ public opinion turned cold.

Kane added: “If I want to be one of the best strikers in the world and one of the best players in the world, I have to play in the UCL and fight for the title. Last season was good for me personally, but as a team, Tottenham were not so good. It’s time to take a step forward. “I felt it,” he said, pointing out Tottenham’s sluggish performance. It is not wrong to say that he performed well but was unable to play in UCL because Tottenham was not good, but it was a story that did not need to be said.

While Tottenham fans’ public opinion towards Kane has completely turned around, Kane seems to have started to suppress it only belatedly. Ahead of the UCL clash with Manchester United, Kane said: “I always watch Tottenham and I will for the rest of my life. I’m really happy to see the team playing the way they are. It’s really good to see the fans happy. “He suddenly showed affection for Tottenham.

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