“Now, I’m at the stage of studying and growing.”

Although he lost after a close game in the full set, OK Financial Group coach Ogino Masaji smiled, satisfied with the growing players.

OK Financial Group lost the men’s team event at the 2023 Gumi Dodram Cup Professional Volleyball Tournament to Korean Air (21-25 25-21 26-24 21-259-15) at Park Chung-hee Gymnasium in Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do, by a set score of 2-3 on the 8th

Cha Ji-hwan scored 26 points, Jeon Byung-sun scored 14 points, and Lee Jin-sung and Park Won-bin and Shin Jin-jin scored 10 points each, but failed to revive the chance situation. He was also caught in the trap (33) poured out in Gyeonggi (23) (Korean Air).

After the game, coach Ogino said, “The players worked hard. The blocking system came out well. “I think we should prepare for fast volleyball,” he said. “The tactics we prepared worked well.” There was nothing wrong, but there was a mistake. “It was a loss that I couldn’t score at an important time.”

When asked about the keyword of the blocking system, Ogino said, “We analyze and train in advance rather than keywords. The system depends on which team you deal with, he said. “We are investing in intermediate blocking training.” Blocking should also be centered on them,” he added.

I feel like the team is a little stronger. It was different from the existing OK Financial Group. Director Ogino said, “Thank you for saying that. He learned what the players taught him and followed the hard training well. In addition to weight training, it is in the process of changing many things. “I’m following you better than I imagined,” he said, expressing satisfaction, “I think the part where I won the second set against the champion is coming to the players with confidence.”

“There are players who have forgotten their promises. All players try to make the promised play. This is the stage of studying and growing. We have about two months left in the V-League, but we have to work hard to complete it.” “I don’t like to talk about results. That would jeopardize the players’ performance. I try to make up for it by talking about parts that didn’t go well.”

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