Ha-seong Kim of the San Diego Padres recorded 15 consecutive hits and 3 stolen bases in a major league match against the Seattle Mariners.

Kim Ha-seong started as the first hitter and second baseman in a major league away game against Seattle held at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington, USA on the 10th , and played an active role with 1 hit, 1 walk, 1 run in 3 at-bats, 1 strikeout and 3 steals. did.

Kim Ha-seong, who continued his 15-game hitting streak since the match against the Pittsburgh Pirates on the 25th of last month, maintained a batting average of 0.288 for the season.

In particular, he succeeded in stealing 25, 26, and 27 bases, breaking his record for the most stolen bases in the Korean big league season.

Kim Ha-sung, who entered his first at-bat in the first inning, got a walk from opposing starter Emerson Hancock and got on base for 18 consecutive games.

Kim Ha-sung, who later stole second and third bases in a row and added two stolen bases at once, went home when Juan Soto grounded out to the pitcher and scored the first run.

In the third inning, he got on base with a left-handed hit without a runner and continued his hit streak for 15 consecutive games. Kim Ha-sung succeeded in stealing second base again after this hit, but failed to score additional points as a follow-up hit.

He struck out in the fifth inning with one out and runners on first base in the fifth inning when he faced 1-1, and stepped down with a fly ball in the seventh inning without the second outfielder.

Choi Ji-man, who started as the seventh designated hitter, was replaced after one hit, no hits, and one walk, and his first hit in San Diego was postponed to the next opportunity, and Choi Ji-man’s season batting average fell from 0.185 to 0.183.

Choi Ji-man walked on a walk in the absence of a runner in the second inning, but failed to advance.

In the fourth inning, Choi Ji-man had an RBI opportunity with two outs and runners on second base, but ended up with an infield fly ball and was replaced by Garrett Cooper with two outs and runners on first and second base in the sixth inning.

San Diego suffered a 1-6 come-from-behind loss to Seattle on the same day, and the bullpen gave up five points in the eighth inning, a 1-1 tie.

San Diego, which lost four consecutive games, remained in fourth place in the National League West with 55 wins and 60 losses, making it unlikely to advance to the postseason.

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