“I had a lot of worries.”

Korea Expressway Corporation Apogit Spiker Moon Jeong-won played an active part for the national team in the off-season. He played as the main position aposite spiker at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, but played as a libero in the three competitions held prior to the Asian Games. An unfamiliar position for Moon Jeong-won.

As I focused on libero training during the off-season, I moved like a libero without realizing it even after joining the team. Kim Jong-min, the road construction director, also left a bitter note to Moon Jeong-won, telling him to “focus.” 와이즈토토

Moon Jung-won said, “I was very worried. There has been no attack for months. Also, we have a lot to be desired because we changed from Starball to Mikasa Ball.”

Therefore, at the beginning of the first round, players were often replaced rather than selected. That’s because I wasn’t 100% in my condition. But now, he is gradually returning to his original form and empowering the offense and defense team.

Moon Jung-won contributed to the team’s victory with 6 points and 62.5% receiving efficiency in the game against Cheonggwanjang at home on the 18th. As it ranks first in receiving in the league, it has brought two points to the team with stable receptions.


Moon Jung-won said, “There are still a lot of shortcomings. The director wants me to play a more aggressive role. I’m not without anxiety,” he said. “Yoonjung also tries to give me a lot. He also tries to set the setter up a lot during practice.”

He continued, “After Tanacha came, the receiving system changed. But I think we should receive a lot this season as well. There are still some parts that do not fit with (Lim) Myeong-ok. Every time that happens, she says Myung-ok unni says, ‘She’ll get a lot,’ so she’s doing it comfortably,” she smiled.

Park Jeong-ah and Jeong Dae-young, who recorded a 0% miracle last season, received free agency qualifications and left for Pepper Savings Bank and GS Caltex, respectively. This was a big change not only for the team, but also for Moon Jeong-won.

Moon Jeong-won said, “I was always the youngest except for the setter. There was actually no problem with mine. However, with Jeong-ah and Dae-young leaving, the role I had to play grew. Tanacha, Bukirich, and Sebin are young, so I want to tell them a lot. “I have a role to play,” he said emphatically.

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