The LPGA Tour BMW Ladies Championship (total prize money of $2.2 million) is being held at Seowon Hills (par 72) at Seowon Valley Country Club in Paju, Gyeonggi-do for four days starting on the 19th.

Lee Jeong-eun6, who is running for her first win of the season, reduced 4 strokes on the second day of the competition and ranked tied for 4th place (total of 8 under par).

Jeong-eun Lee6 said in an official interview after the second round match, “I was very satisfied with today’s match. It was difficult to play because it was cold, but I think I had a good trend by making a lot of birdies.”

Next, Jeong-eun Lee6 said, “Of course, there were difficult holes in the second half, and it’s unfortunate to see the last hole, but there are still two days left and I know why I missed my shots, so if I focus on that and hit, I will have fewer missed shots tomorrow than I did today.” “I think I can do it,” he said.

On the second day, many players had difficulty reducing their number of strokes due to the cold weather and wind. In comparison, Jeong-eun Lee6 showed a better performance than on the first day.

Jeong-eun Lee6 said, “The players didn’t seem to have much difficulty with their tee shots on this course today, but it seems that whether or not they made a birdie was determined by the precision of the second shot and iron shot. I had a stable iron shot, so I didn’t miss the green. “I think we did a good job protecting the team, and there were two or three crises, but I think we blocked them well with a short game, so I’m overall satisfied,” he explained the reason for his good performance.

Lee Jeong-eun6, who showed improvement after correcting her swing, said, “Until the beginning of this year, my swing was very uncomfortable and difficult, and my shots were also shaky. However, in the past month or two, I am gradually becoming more comfortable. I am continuing to practice the parts I practiced early this year. , In particular, I wasn’t used to the backswing and downswing correction until the beginning of the year, so if it didn’t go well on the course, now I’m gradually getting used to my body, and it seems like I’m feeling more comfortable as I’m getting better at that part little by little on the course.”

Jeongeun Lee6 has been correcting her downswing and backswing for a long time. Meanwhile, he has always said, ‘There is a part of me that thinks about it.’ Regarding this, Jeong-eun Lee6 said, “I have a bad habit of blocking my right shoulder during the backswing, so I correct it by feeling like I open it too much backwards. And for the downswing, I have to shift my weight to the left and then turn, but the rotation is fast. “I have good habits, so I’m focusing on correcting those areas,” he answered.

Lee Jeong-eun 6 further explained, “I think the key to the swing is literally to not let my right shoulder go up a little more, try to rotate without applying force, and make the downswing feel like I’m turning to the right and rotating slowly.” .

Regarding the reason for not changing her name in the United States and continuing to use Jeong-eun Lee’s ‘6’, Jeong-eun Lee6 said, “Jeong-eun Lee5 is also playing on the LGPA tour, so there were a few times when I changed things in my locker at the beginning of the LPGA tour. Even the English spelling is the same. “That’s why I started using 6 continuously after that. Also, 6 is a ‘lucky number’ for me, so I use it in a good way.”

In response to a question about ‘the aim of the tee shot on the 18th hole’, Lee Jeong-eun6 said, “There were three bunkers, and the left bunker was a bunker that could be entered, and the fairway poured from right to left. If it falls to the right, the ball goes into the center of the fairway. “I thought it would be possible to attack, so I aimed to the right and hit, but the timing was late, so I missed.”

Next, Jeong-eun Lee6 said, “I was able to drop the second shot on the road, but the rough in the area where I could drop was so long that it was difficult to hit the ball. So I thought that hitting it on the road would allow me to get closer to the green. Green on. “It would have been nice if it could have been done, but the angle was too difficult, so I just stayed close to the green and hit par with a short game,” he explained.

Regarding the green conditions on the second day, Jeong-eun Lee6 said, “The ball definitely rolled a little more than yesterday. Yesterday, it rained, so I was able to set my iron better, but I think it rolled a little more today.”

Regarding the reason why this week was really better compared to the previous tournament, Jeong-eun Lee6 said, “What I felt in the last tournament was that while there were a lot of good shots, there were also a lot of miss shots, birdies, and bogeys. So, I avoided miss shots as much as possible. “I took lessons while studying that part with a professional with the mindset of reducing it,” he said. “Also, in the first half, I was backswinging, but in the second half, I was not. My goal is to stay out of those situations and maintain consistency. There are also miss shots in this competition. So, I think we should focus on reducing the number of missed shots for the remaining two days. I want to have a stable game with no major misses,” he said.

Currently, Q Series Stage 2 is being held in the United States. KLPGA tour members Sung Yu-jin and Hong Jeong-min are playing.

When asked, ‘As a senior, what you would like to say to the junior players,’ Jeong-eun Lee6 said, “I want to tell the juniors who are taking on the challenge that they are doing very well. Of course, it was difficult for me at the LPGA, but I learned a lot, and what I really learn is playing with world-class players. “There are many. I won a lot in Korea and the game was good, but looking back, I feel like I am finally learning how to play the short game and what golf is. It may be a bit inaccurate, but there are a lot more shots I can use now.” said.

Lee Jeong-eun6 then said, “One more thing I want to tell you is that when I first went to the United States, I went without a coach for 2-3 years, and my swing was ruined, and I had such a hard time. So, when I come to the United States, even if there are language difficulties, I need to get a coach as soon as possible. “I think going on tour while finding and taking lessons would be a way to suffer less,” he advised.

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