Lim Sung-jin of KEPCO and Kim Yeon-kyung of Heungkuk Life Insurance were selected as the second round MVP of the Dodram 2023-2024 V League. 메이저 토토사이트 ~

On the men’s side, Lim Sung-jin, who received 11 of the 31 reporters’ votes (6 votes for Yosbani, 5 for Thais, 3 for Jeong Han-yong, 2 for Matei and Viena each, 1 for Shin Young-seok, and 1 for abstention), recorded an attack success rate of 61.6 during the second round. He was active in both attack and defense, ranking first in attack overall and second in defense with 5.45 per set, and led KEPCO to a five-game winning streak in the second round, becoming the hero of the personal first-round MVP.

Meanwhile, Kim received a total of 11 votes (8 votes each for Sylva, MoMA, 1 for Dain, Myung-ok, and Zelena) out of 31 votes cast by the women’s press corps, and 1 for withdrawal, scoring 135 points during the second round, ranking eighth in the score (first among domestic players), 41.03% (1st among domestic players), and 6th among serve (average 0.2 per set) to win the overall offense (first among Korean players) and the round MVP.

The men’s team will be awarded the second round MVP at Suwon Indoor Gymnasium (Korea Electric Power Corporation-KB Insurance) on the 2nd, and the women’s team will be awarded the second round MVP at Incheon Samsan Gymnasium (Heungkuk Life Insurance-Chi Gochu Savings Bank) on the 5th.

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