News has emerged that Real Madrid has given up on signing Kylian Mbappe.

Spain’s Ser Kaneda said on the 8th (Korean time), “Real has clearly ruled out the signing of Mbappe. Real will not extend Mbappe’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and will sign him even if he leaves PSG next summer. “There are no plans to do so. Mbappe was Real’s main target for signing in the last two transfer windows, but Real considers the ‘Mbappe transfer rumors’ to be over. Regardless of the contract situation, they will not bring Mbappe in the next transfer window.” It was reported that

If the news that Real gave up on Mbappe is true, it would be a huge twist. Real has consistently attempted to recruit Mbappe since the summer of 2021, but failed each time. PSG succeeded in renewing Mbappe’s contract by giving him a huge contract. 사설토토

However, last summer, Mbappe declared that he would not renew his contract with PSG, sparking speculation about a move to Real again. Rumors continued that Mbappe, who wants to move to Real Madrid, made this decision after prior communication. There was also speculation that this was because Mbappe could receive better treatment if he transferred without a transfer fee. It already felt like Mbappe’s move to Real was a fait accompli.

There were three reasons why Real gave up on recruiting Mbappe. First is Mbappe’s salary. Mbappe is currently receiving the highest salary in Europe, which is said to be too high. The media’s analysis is that Mbappe will demand a contract bonus even if he is released as a free agent, and that if he renews his contract, Real will not step forward because a huge transfer fee will be required.

Next is Mbappe’s age. Born in 1998, he is now entering his prime, but Real Madrid has recently been focusing on recruiting players under the age of 21. Jude Bellingham, Eduardo Camavinga and Endrick all joined Real before the age of 20. It is expected that this recruiting trend will not change.

Crucially, Mbappe was linked to Real over the past two seasons, but eventually stayed at PSG, which worsened public opinion even among Real’s leadership. There are reports that they decided to rule out signing Mbappe from the beginning because they could not get caught up in the same thing this time.

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