I started the season in the best shape, but in the end, it was not much different from last year.

The Toronto Blue Jays made a roster move on August 29 (Korean time). Ernie Clement, a 27-year-old infielder who entered the major leagues once in May, June, and July after signing a minor league contract in March, was called up to the big leagues. It was because of the infield vacancy. It was because of the injury to third baseman Matt Chapman. Chapman was placed on the 10-day disabled list with a sprained right middle finger.

Chapman suffered an injury during a game against the Cleveland Guardians the previous day. According to mlbcom, Chapman, who had an accident in early August in which the middle finger of his right hand was caught in an exercise machine in a weight training room, continued to endure pain and continued to play. However, his condition worsened that day, and he was eventually replaced during the game and was put on the injured list.

It is still unclear whether he will be able to return immediately after 10 days. With about a month left until the end of the season, Chapman will miss a third of the season, even if he returns as soon as possible. If the injury lasts longer than expected, you may not be able to contribute to the final ranking fight at all.

The departure of a key member is a painful thing for a team that is in fierce competition. However, considering Chapman’s form this season, it is not a ‘fatal wound’ for Toronto.

Early this season, Chapman was terrific. Early in the season, Chapman was the best hitter in the majors. Chapman hit .384/.465/.687 with 5 home runs and 17 RBIs in 27 games between March and April. He had 38 hits, just 1 less than ’40 hitter’ Luis Araez, who was first overall in hits at the time, and had 15 doubles, the most in the entire major leagues. He ranked first in overall OPS in the major leagues, and his adjusted scoring production (wRC+) was the only player in the major leagues to exceed 200 (215, second to Araez 186). He was the most productive hitter in all of the major leagues.

Originally, he was a good player at the beginning of the season, but he was never this good. Chapman’s OPS from March to April was a whopping 1.152. It was Chapman’s career-high monthly OPS record. In April, Chapman won the Player of the Month award for the first time since his debut.

Chapman, born in 1993, was a 1st rounder (25th pick, OAK designation) in the 2014 rookie draft and a player from the top 100 prospects. Early in his debut, during his Oakland days, he was a very highly rated batsman. In 2018, his first full season, Chapman hit .278/.356/.508 with 24 homers and 68 RBIs in 145 games, finishing seventh in American League MVP voting. With 91 RBIs, he was selected as an All-Star and ranked 6th in MVP voting.

Chapman, who hit .255/.336/.503 with 84 homers and 224 RBIs in 422 games in his first four seasons through 2020, slowed down in 2021 with .210/.314/.403 with 27 homers and 72 RBIs in 151 games. However, Chapman’s market value, which showed his batting ability properly during the first four seasons of his debut, did not drop significantly, and ‘Small Market’ Oakland traded Chapman to Toronto ahead of the 2022 season, which was about to obtain FA qualification.

Chapman hit .229/.324/.433 with 27 home runs and 76 RBIs in 155 games last season, his first year with Toronto. He slightly improved his percentage metric, but it was not a noticeable improvement compared to the 2021 season, which was a career low season. In addition to his offensive prowess, Chapman’s excellent defense, who won three Gold Gloves during his time in Auckland, was still a valuable player, but far from the strength of his early debut. Toronto, which was somewhat disappointed with last year’s performance, has increased expectations for Chapman, who performed the best in March and April this season.

But Chapman’s sprint ended there. Chapman hit .202/.273/.312 with 2 home runs and 7 RBIs during the month of May, and the uptrend completely stopped. At the end of June, Chapman’s slash line was .262/.339/.450, and his OPS, let alone 1.000, had collapsed by 0.800 to .789. He seemed to be on the rebound, hitting .247/.402/.506 with 4 homers and 8 RBIs during the month of July, but with an injury in August, he plummeted to .197/.256/.276 with 1 home run and 6 RBIs and was eventually placed on the injured list. went up

Currently on the disabled list, Chapman’s season record is .248/.338/.431 with 15 homers and 50 RBIs in 125 games. Not to mention his career-high record, it falls well short of his performance in Oakland. Compared to last season, the batting average increased but the number of home runs decreased, and there is virtually no difference from last year’s performance, which was disappointing compared to the ‘name value’.

After all, the key is the ability to deal with fastballs. Chapman was the hitter with the strongest fastball in the 2018-2019 season, his best two years. He batted .254 against fastballs in the 2019 season and 0.311 in the 2018 season. And in the 2018 season, the miss rate for fastballs was 20.4% and 21.9% in the 2019 season. In both indicators, the two seasons were the 1st and 2nd places in individual careers. Chapman, whose fastball batting average fell to 0.221 in 2020, fell to 0.206 in the 2021 season, which was a career low season. He recorded a 0.238 last year, and his season performance also rebounded slightly.

Chapman had his best April this season, posting a batting average of 0.370 against fastballs in April. However, his ability to cope with fastballs dropped sharply from May, and although he recorded a batting average of 0.308 against fastballs briefly in July, he plummeted again in August. A trend similar to the monthly grade change trend. In the end, the opponent’s batting average for all fastballs this season went down to 0.250, and the season performance was the same as last year.

He started the season with a pace that made him look up to MVP beyond his career high, but running in the early stages was all he could do. In the end, attention is paid to what final report card Chapman’s 2023 season, which is close to ‘Yongdu Sami’, will end with.

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