The local media didn’t bother to mention Son Heung-min.

Coach David Moyes reported that he praised striker Jerod Bowen’s decision-making ability, linking Son Heung-min with a one-on-one opportunity he missed against Manchester City.

West Ham United will play the final match of the 38th round of the 2023-2024 Premier League (PL) against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England, at midnight on the 20th (Korea time). Currently, West Ham ranks ninth with 52 points in the league, and Manchester City ranks first with 88 points.

This game will not change West Ham’s season. Tottenham Hotspur (63 points) and Chelsea (60 points), who are ranking fifth in the UEFA club competition, cannot reverse the rankings of Newcastle United and Manchester United (57 points) who are seeking to play in next season’s European competition. This is the situation.

Nevertheless, the game between West Ham and Manchester City is drawing attention because the result of the game can determine the winner of the league. If West Ham draw at the Etihad Stadium, beat Manchester City, or Arsenal win at Everton, Arsenal will beat Manchester City to win the championship.

It is also Moyes’ farewell match for West Ham. West Ham decided earlier this month not to re-sign Moyes and announced that they would be leaving the team at the end of the season. It is a game that is likely to be an issue in many ways.

However, Son Heung-min, who has nothing to do with the game, appeared in local media reports. It was written in connection with the game just because Son missed a one-on-one chance against Tottenham Hotspur in Manchester City earlier.

England’s Daily Star said, “Arthur was told that Bowen would not repeat Son’s mistake against Manchester City.” Moyes said he would be more willing to play Son Heung-min if he was given a similar opportunity to the one-on-one situation Bowen missed against Manchester City. Moyes said, “I’m confident that I won’t make the same mistake as Min.”

However, Moyes did not directly mention Son or his mistakes. Moyes only praised Bowen, saying, “He has shown great goal-scoring skills this season.” Bowen has scored 16 goals and six assists in the league so far, ranking ninth after Son and Phil Foden of Manchester City.

According to the media, Moyes was asked at a press conference before the game what kind of performance he expected the team’s ace Bowen to perform in pressure situations such as the one-on-one situation against Tottenham and Manchester City.

Moyes responded by saying, “I think Bowen can solve the problem. If Bowen gets that chance, he will score. That’s why I hope Bowen has a chance to score,” adding, “Bowen was promoted to the front line striker in November last year. Once deployed, he started to look different and became more ruthless in terms of finishing.”

Moyes continued, “Boen has become faster and stronger. He has tiger eyes now. I hope he continues to show that for us.” He added, “Boen played well against Manchester City. I expected it to unfold.

“Daily Star” said about Moyes’ words, “Coach Moyes said he would take advantage of Bowen if he got a good opportunity.” Tottenham’s captain Son Heung-min led Manchester City to victory in the 41st minute of the second half as he failed to score an equalizer in a one-on-one situation. He explained, “It is in contrast to handing over the tournament to Arsenal.” Even though there was nothing related to Son in Moyes’ remarks, he did his best to include him.

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