Hyunjin Ryu (Toronto Blue Jays), who is trying for his 4th win of the season, is continuing his no-hit streak until the 3rd inning against the Texas Rangers’ strong team.

Ryu Hyun-jin appeared as a starting pitcher in the 2023 Major League Baseball home game against the Texas Rangers held at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the 13th (Korean time).

Ryu Hyun-jin got off to a good start in the top of the first inning, eliminating Texas’ powerful table setters led by Marcus Simeon and Corey Seager with fly balls and ground balls. He allowed third hitter Robbie Grossman to get on base for the first time with a walk after a full count game, but finished the first inning cleanly by disposing of fourth hitter Mitch Garber with a catcher’s foul fly ball after two pitches.

The second episode was cleaner than the first. Ryu Hyun-jin, with the help of third baseman Cavan Biggio, grounded out leadoff hitter Jonah Haim. He then hit out both Danny Ellow and Ezekiel Duran with fly balls, ending the second inning with a three-way throw.

There was no crisis in the third inning either. Ryu Hyun-jin lightly disposed of leadoff hitter Leody Taveras with a fly ball after 4 pitches. Then, against the next batter, Jonathan Ornellas, he hit a fastball on the 5th pitch with the ball count of 2-2, striking out the player. It was Ryu Hyun-jin’s first strikeout that day. Ryu Hyun-jin, who had gained momentum, ended the inning by hitting Simian, who he met again, with a grounder to the shortstop after three pitches.


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