Graham Sones, who is not afraid to blame Paul Pogba, has expressed his opinion on Pogba’s doping case.

Global media “ ” reported on the 27th (Korea Standard Time) that “Soness, a soccer player-turned-commentator, reacted harshly to Pogba’s four-year suspension.”

Pogba is currently serving a four-year suspension. This is because he was given testosterone, a hormone that temporarily improves athletic ability. Pogba expressed his unfairness, but he could not avoid disciplinary action because the backup analysis also tested positive.

Of course, Pogba has also expressed his intention to appeal. “Breaking news. Pogba will now be banned from playing football for four years due to doping,” European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano said on his social media.

There have also been absurd claims that Pogba did not voluntarily take testosterone hormones. Rio Mabuba, who played for the French national team and Lille in the past, made the absurd claim, saying, “I don’t doubt Pogba’s sincerity and think he might have been deceived to some extent.”

Pogba, whose career was going downhill with or without disciplinary action. Sonez, also known as the “Pogba sniper,” publicly shot him again. “When I was with him, I felt frustrated with him,” Sonez told the Telegraph. This was because he had all the talent and physical prowess that you see in a great player, but he had a bad attitude. The bottom line is that he didn’t train hard. The worst thing that ever happened to him was winning the World Cup as a child. Thanks to him, he was able to sit in a large, comfortable armchair. He criticized, “He thought that what he wanted to do was not to work hard, but to get attention on the soccer field.”

“I’m not happy about what happened to him,” he said. This was because he was a young man with enough talent to be remembered as a great midfielder in soccer. Unfortunately, however, he will not be remembered that way. “He will only be remembered as a player who took banned substances,” he added.


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