“I prayed that I would go to Woori Bank”

The 2023-2024 WKBL new player selection meeting was held at Cheongju Gymnasium from the morning of the 4th. The six WKBL clubs that participated to nominate new players first held a drawing ceremony for the ranking of nominations, and after completing the drawing ceremony, the six WKBL clubs began in earnest to identify players.

The combine was held first to determine the players’ physical condition and athletic ability, and a tryout to see the players’ on-court performance was held after the combine.

The event that the coaching staff of the six WKBL teams put the most effort into is the player nomination event. This is because the purpose of the six WKBL clubs participating in the new player selection event is to select players who fit the nomination rankings and the future of the team.

Cheongju KB Stars, Busan BNK Some, and Incheon Shinhan Bank exercised the 1st to 3rd picks in the first round. KB Stars selected Ko Hyun-ji (182cm, F), a student at Supia Girls’ High School, and BNK selected Kim Jeong-eun (177cm, F), a student at Hyosung Girls’ High School. Shinhan Bank selected Heo Yu-jeong (173cm, G), a student at Bundang Business High School.

Lee Ye-na (179cm, F), a student at Cheongju Girls’ High School, and Park Da-won (179cm, F), a student at Bundang Business High School, took fourth and fifth places. The two players wore Yongin Samsung Life Insurance and BNK uniforms, respectively.

However, the name of Byun Ha-jeong (179cm, F), who was considered a candidate for the lottery pick at the new player selection event, was not called. Only when it was the turn of Asan Woori Bank, which had the last pick in the first round, Byun Ha-jeong was able to step up to the podium.

Byeon Ha-jeong is a forward currently attending Bundang Business High School. He is the younger brother of Incheon Shinhan Bank Byun So-jeong (180cm, F) and is a player with both physical and athletic ability. He is a player with great potential for development.

That’s why Byun Ha-jeong’s late nomination was unexpected. However, Byun So-jeong, who watched Byun Ha-jeong from the stands, conveyed his younger brother’s wish, saying, “(Byun) Ha-jeong really wanted to go to our bank.” His late nomination was seen as a good opportunity.

Byeon Ha-jeong, who was called by Woori Bank, said after the new player selection event, “Woori Bank was a team I really wanted to join. So, when my nomination turn was pushed back, I thought, ‘If I keep doing this, I could go to Woori Bank. “I prayed and said, ‘I really want to go,’” he said, expressing his feelings about being nominated.

He continued, “All of the Woori Bank sisters have great skills. Woori Bank plays fast basketball and is good at giving up after breaking through. This is my favorite basketball team. (When I was nominated to Woori Bank) I thought it was really great. (Laughs) It was so good,” he said, adding about his feelings about joining Woori Bank.

He continued, “When working with my sisters, I have to quickly learn my role. And you have to learn how to deal with it one-on-one. And this is my first time being on a different team with my older sister (Byeon So-jeong). With the intention of beating my sister. “She will work hard,” she said, strengthening her resolve. I wanted to meet the team I wanted to go to and the opponent I wanted to beat the most.

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