The Philadelphia Phillies, who captured Aaron Nola early on, are trying to build the strongest mound. Philadelphia met Yoshinobu Yamamoto.

The New York Post, a media outlet in New York, USA, reported on the 15th (Korean time) that Philadelphia had negotiated a contract with Yamamoto.

Philadelphia is building a strong top starting lineup led by Jack Wheeler (33) and Nola. Trying to include Yamamoto here.

If Yamamoto is included in the Wheeler-Nola line, Philadelphia can build the strongest starting lineup in the major leagues, both in name and reality.

However, the assessment is that Philadelphia is far from a leader in recruiting Yamamoto. Analysis suggests that the New York Yankees and LA Dodgers are ahead of the curve in recruiting Yamamoto.

Additionally, Yamamoto’s value has already risen by nearly $300 million. It is questionable whether Philadelphia, which spent $172 million on Nola’s contract, can afford it.

Of course, if he is recruited, his performance is virtually guaranteed. The starting pitchers who have dominated Japanese professional baseball so far have shown stable performance.

Yamamoto is a pitcher who dominated Japanese professional baseball. He won Japan’s highest award, the Sawamura Prize, three times in a row. He is only 25 years old and has a strong body.

Attention is being paid to whether Philadelphia, which has a solid top starting lineup in Wheeler and Nola, can challenge for the World Series title by recruiting Yamamoto.스포츠토토

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