If you were to pick the hottest local player in the league recently, you cannot leave out Goyang Sono Sky Gunners Lee Jeong-hyeon (24‧187cm). Last season, during the predecessor Carrot, Sono showed a miracle by advancing to the semifinals despite being evaluated as an underdog. In the playoffs, the leading star Jeon Seong-hyun (32‧188.6cm) was not in normal condition due to the aftereffects of an injury, but Lee Jeong-hyun, who had evolved to the next level in addition to foreign player Didrick Lawson (26‧201cm), was the leader.

Many people expected Lee Jeong-hyun, who showed amazing performances, to go one step further this season, and he has lived up to those expectations from the beginning of the season. Sono appears to be having difficulties due to Jeon Seong-hyun’s condition not being as good as last season and Lawson’s absence. To make matters worse, even Kim Jin-yu, the hustle leader who brought energy to the team through defense and hustle, is out due to injury.

The losing streak has become longer and there have been concerns that the team may fall to the bottom of the rankings. However, recently, Sono is showing signs of recovery by showing off his unique archery basketball skills again. There may be many reasons for this, but it is largely thanks to Lee Jung-hyun’s role as a clear native ace. It is evaluated that the presence in last season’s playoffs is continuing in this season’s regular season.

As proof of this, after playing 9 games, he is showing off the presence of a league ace with an average of 20.89 points (7th overall, 1st domestically), 3.44 rebounds, 7.22 assists (2nd overall), 1.44 steals, and 0.22 blocks. Until recently, the prevailing opinion was that it would not be easy for Sono to have a sensation like last season. This was because objective power, such as a thin player base, had declined, but more than anything, it seemed difficult to fill Lawson’s vacancy.

Sono does not have a starting-level big man who can play under the goal. Coach Kim Seung-gi, who is good at increasing competitiveness within the limit, chose archery and basketball, and Ssangpo Jeon Seong-hyeon and Lee Jeong-hyeon took center stage. But the most influential key player was actually Lawson. While Lawson was alone guarding the goal, he quietly blocked the opposing team’s tall foreign player well, and did his part well by going inside and outside during attacks.

Above all, because he has such good BQ and a wide perspective, he even took on a large part of the reading, which served as a control tower in Sono Basketball. Lee Jeong-hyun and Jeon Seong-hyun’s front line has powerful offensive power, but it is not a combination with strong strengths in the passing game. Jeon Seong-hyun is a typical professional shooter, and Lee Jeong-hyun also originally played shooting guard and has not long since transitioned to No. 1. Moreover, he is a dual guard who focuses on attacking rather than leading and passing.

Because Lawson played the role of a second point guard well in situations where the ball flow could become relatively tight, Sono was able to maintain stable team play throughout the game. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, Lawson could not be caught, and it is analyzed that this acted as a negative factor that destroyed the axis of Kim Seung-gi’s basketball that had been established until last season.

Lawson’s power can be clearly seen by looking at the DB that has been on a winning streak since recruiting him. However, an ace is the one who leads the team to victory in any situation. Coach Kim did not stop encouraging him throughout the day, saying, ‘Lee Jung-hyun is a player who can do better,’ and Lee Jung-hyun is also repaying the coach’s trust with his results. It’s not just that he has a good personal record, he’s holding on to the shaking Sono and running at the front as the vanguard of victory 먹튀검증

The match against KCC held at Sono Arena in Goyang on the 12th was a game where we could see how high a level Lee Jeong-hyun is developing into a player. KCC is a super team that boasts so much power that it has been called ‘Goliath’ even before the season. In addition to the existing Heo Woong, Lee Seung-hyun, and Jeong Chang-young, Choi Jun-yong and Lee Ho-hyun were newly recruited. Song Kyo-chang, who is serving in the military, is also scheduled to return.

Foreign player Alize Johnson is also attracting attention as a top technician. There seemed to be no answer for Sono, who had already weak players and had not only Kim Jin-yu but also main gun Jeon Seong-hyun unable to play due to injury. Even before the game, there was talk that it was a battle between David and Goliath. But Sono had Lee Jeong-hyun. There was no fear at all from the Aegis ship, a huge fleet that was to use a new stage called Busan Port.

In a situation where there are so many tall guards, Lee Jung-hyun’s size is not very large. However, most guards tend to be mismatched when matched up with Lee Jung-hyun. This is because they overwhelm in physical fights based on the power emanating from their strong bodies. It was like that today too. Heo Woong, who was of similar size, was caught, but he punched with his body and easily cleared the space near the post.

When Lee Seung-hyun approached him, he tried to face up with quick feet and steps, and in the process, he didn’t seem to lose his balance even when his body collided with the strong No. 4 Lee Seung-hyun. Seung-Hyun Lee was left helpless by the turn-around jumper, which was shot quickly into the bottom of the goal but then stopped momentarily. It was the same no matter who stuck.

If he was smaller or similar to himself, he used force to push him, and if he was much bigger than him, he toyed with speed. In the process, when an opening arose, he did not hesitate to throw a 3-point shot, hitting not only the top and corners but also deep 3s, sending the KCC defense into a meltdown. Beating it with personal skills, using the screen, and even receiving shots… , Looking at the game on this day, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Jeon Seong-hyun had the ability to break through and pass.

In addition, when the defense was against him, he made appropriate passes to his teammates in the gaps, and the entry pass to foreign player Jarod Jones, who was positioned at the post, was also stable. In the end, Lee Jeong-hyun played drums, played drums, and played in all directions, leading the team to victory with 29 points (6 3-pointers), 2 rebounds, and 6 assists. It can be said that it was a match that truly demonstrated ‘this is what an ace is like.’

There are quite a few people who say, ‘I feel nostalgic for Heo Jae’ about Lee Jung-hyun, who is showing great success in last season’s playoffs and early this season. I’m not just talking about techniques for doing this and that well evenly. There is a lot of similarity in the way he plays the role of an all-rounder in the game, sometimes with his power and sometimes with his speed, creating mismatches and eating away at those who come in, and even saving his teammates through so-called crazy performances.

Heo Jae was notorious as the embodiment of victory during his active years. Even after his prime, he pushed hard and devastated the opposing defense in games he was determined to win. When Jae Heo came out with his teeth clenched, most teams had a hard time because they couldn’t stop him, but he had such a good passing sense that he often improved the performance of his teammates through quality passes. Heo Jae, excited or angry, was a nightmare for his opposing team.

The current Lee Jeong-hyeon is like that. Although there is still a long way to go, they are similar in many ways, including a solid body, explosive athleticism, strong competitive spirit, and a strong stomach. Before getting injured as a rookie, Kim Min-gu showed the talent to become the best guard since Heo Jae, but he was closer to a sly basketball guru style that was unusual for his young age than a wild horse like Heo Jae.

On the other hand, Lee Jeong-hyun is literally running across the court like an untamed animal. It won’t be easy for Lee Jung-hyun to perform like he is now throughout this season. Due to the composition of Sono’s players, it is clear that he is highly dependent on Lee Jung-hyun and that his opponent will continue to try to find his weaknesses while keeping a close eye on him. If we overcome it and continue to grow, we may see the ’emptiness of the 21st century’.

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