There is no breakthrough in sight. KB Insurance director Hu In-jeong’s concerns are also growing.


KB Insurance is on a 9-game losing streak after winning the opening game of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League men’s division. In the match against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance held at Daejeon Chungmu Gymnasium on the 19th, they won two sets first, but then lost three sets, losing the set score 2-3. It’s difficult to have a prolonged losing streak, but being the victim of a dramatic loss is a bigger blow than ever.

The ranking tells the current situation of KB Insurance. KB Insurance is in last place even after playing one more game than the remaining six teams. With 1 win, 9 losses, and 7 points, they are behind Korea Electric Power Corporation (9 points) and Hyundai Capital (8 points).

To make matters worse, Korea’s ace outside hitter Hwang Kyung-min will not be able to play for about a month. Hwang Gyeong-min, who was replaced in the last Woori Card match due to a rib injury, was diagnosed with a fracture and needs rest.

Hwang Kyung-min scored an average of 13.22 points per game this season with a high attack success rate of 60.37%. Hwang Kyung-min, who played his part in defense with a receiving efficiency of 39.38%, is expected to miss at least 5 to 6 games.

In the absence of Hwang Kyung-min, Coach Hu selected Liu Hong-min and Hong Sang-hyuk as outside hitters in the match against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. However, the attack power was not enough. Liu Hong-min, who started all 5 sets, scored only 7 points, and Hong Sang-hyuk only scored 4 points in the 2nd set, but his attack did not work, so he was replaced by Bae Sang-jin. Bae Sang-jin scored 5 points with an attack success rate of 27.27%. It was a game in which none of the outside hitters were responsible for scoring double digits.

The load is entirely placed on Viena. Viena’s attack share in the 5th set against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance reached a whopping 76.92%. Viena was responsible for 8 points with an attack success rate of 70%, but the result was defeat. Coach Hu said, “With Hwang Gyeong-min missing, the success rate on the outside hitter side was very low. “It’s hard for Viyena to do it alone,” he said, sighing.

There is a mountain beyond the mountain. KB Insurance must meet the final schedule of the second round with Korea Electric Power Corporation on the 24th and OK Financial Group on the 29th. Korea Electric Power Corporation has been on the rise recently with a winning streak, and OK Financial Group is likely to struggle against a team with good height, and KB Insurance is highly likely to struggle. There is a risk that the losing streak will increase further.

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