Tottenham Hotspur’s living legend Son Heung-min (32) plans to extend his contract without renewing it.
Global sports media The Athletic reported that on June 30, 2024, Tottenham will activate the one-year extension option in Son Heung-min’s contract and continue together until the summer of 2026.

When predicting changes to Tottenham’s 2024-2025 season squad, the media first mentioned Son Heung-min’s situation in the offensive line.
The media said, “Son Heung-min enjoyed regaining his form last season and showed his indispensable presence as captain.

“Tottenham will activate the one-year contract extension clause in his contract and will remain with him until the summer of 2026.”
Legend Son Heung-min, who started playing for Tottenham in 2015, has a contract with the club until June 2025.

He is receiving 190,000 pounds (about 330 million won) per week from the club, and with a one-year extension option, he can accompany Tottenham until 2026.

Extend Son Heung-min’s contract period with an extension option without renewing Tottenham’s contract

With the basic contract period only remaining, Tottenham attracted attention by deciding to extend the contract period with Son Heung-min by activating the extension option rather than renewing the contract.
Reporter Paul O’Keefe of ‘Football Insider’, a British media outlet familiar with Tottenham news, also said that Son Heung-min’s stay is very likely.

O’Keeffe answered this while continuing a Q&A with Tottenham fans through his social networking service (SNS) on May 29, 2024.
He said, “Will Tottenham activate Son Heung-min’s contract extension option?

When asked, “What happens to his contract?” he answered, “Yes. “It’s because he’s a global brand.”
He went on to reply, “Tottenham will not transfer Son Heung-min in the near future.”

This means that Tottenham is aware that Son Heung-min is highly regarded as an international product and will reflect this in the exercise of the option.
It is good to see that Tottenham has established a policy not to ‘cash out’ Son Heung-min due to the oil money offensive from the Middle East, including Saudi Arabian clubs, this summer.

However, this is far from the voices of fans who call for scrapping the current contract option and retaining him with a long-term contract of at least three years.
Tottenham’s claim to exercise the contract extension option also appeared earlier this month.

British media ‘TBR’ said on the 4th, “Son Heung-min is willing to sign a new contract with Tottenham,” expressing his desire to resist various temptations and sign a near-lifelong contract with his current team, where he is wearing the captain’s armband. .
He then claimed, “Son Heung-min has one year left on his current contract, and Tottenham is considering activating an extension option if a new contract is not agreed upon.”

Son Heung-min, now in his 9th year since joining Tottenham in 2015, has developed into an indispensable club legend for Tottenham.
He ranked 5th on Tottenham’s career scoring list (162 goals) and became the 14th player in Tottenham’s history to appear in 400 games (408 games), rewriting the club’s history.

In the last 2021-2022 season, he was joint top scorer with Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) with 23 league goals, becoming the first Asian player to win the title of top scorer in the Premier League.

Tottenham Son Heung-min becomes the club’s first non-European captain

This season, he was appointed captain by coach Anzhi Postekoglou, becoming the club’s first non-European player to wear the captain’s armband.
Son Heung-min, who has already been captain of the Korean national soccer team since 2018, also served as captain at Tottenham and united the Tottenham players with his friend-like leadership.

Son Heung-min increased his salary to 18 billion won (estimated) in the summer of 2021 and signed a new contract with Tottenham that is valid until the summer of 2025.
It is reported that this contract includes an option to extend his contract period by one year until 2026.

Excluding the captain’s option, there is only one year left on the contract, so Tottenham fans hoped that a new contract would be signed quickly.
As Saudi Arabian clubs showed interest in Son Heung-min, born in 1992, as the best striker in the Premier League even at the age of 32, fans became more impatient.

However, contrary to fans’ expectations, Tottenham is expected to disappoint fans by deciding to prevent Son Heung-min from being released as a free agent (FA) next summer by activating the extension option rather than renewing his contract.

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